Rudraksh Pathak

Rudraksh Pathak
A Little Intro
Daffodil Software

Associate Engineer, Daffodil Software


Developer, Tekdig


Microsoft Student Partner

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Student Ambassador

MVA tester

Community Moderator & Beta Tester, Microsoft Virtual Academy


Award Winning Blogger

About Rudraksh Pathak

Current Status - Working as Associate Engineer at Daffodil Software.

Interested in - Leadership, Engineering, Programming, Development, Gaming, History, Politics.

Skills - C, C++, Java, Python, HTML5, CSS, JS, Ajax, PHP

Experience of -Leardership, Teaching, Programming, Engineering, Debating.

Computer Engineer from India. Full Stack Developer, Programmer, Algorithm Developer, Passionate about Computers and recent technologies. Have Entrepreneurial spirit for doing any task. Efficient, persistent and accurate with goals.